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CINEMA 4D R14 - the next generation of its industry-leading 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting and rendering. With the new character animation, integrated stereographic properties, the possibility of an interaction of several artists (designers) and the physical rendering, CINEMA 4D R13, based on 25 years of the company, allows 3D-artists (designers) around the world quickly and simply create the most attractive content for any of the branches.
CINEMA 4D Studio has all the necessary tools to tackle even the most complex projects:
- Modeling. CINEMA 4D Studio can import and export files in various formats, ensuring compatibility with virtually all third-party products. Simulation Toolkit allows you to work with parametric and polygonal objects, segmented surfaces and all kinds of deformers and modifiers. Nonlinear Modeling in CINEMA 4D can at any time make changes to parametric objects and thus provides an easy and fast workflow.
- Materials and textures. CINEMA 4D offers all standard and advanced options for creating great surface for your models. Materials have 14 different channels, and you can even customize them for specific needs (eg in engines games). Use as texture images or videos, or the latest shaders, such as subsurface scattering or backlighting. To achieve professional-quality texturing CINEMA 4D offers an upscale set of tools for 3D-drawing.
- Animation. When it comes to animation, CINEMA 4D Studio - a jack of all trades. Of course, it contains all the standard animation tools that you would expect from a professional 3D-packages. But CINEMA 4D Studio can offer much more. Advanced tools for character animation, the new dynamics of hard and soft bodies, imitation clothing, event-particle system, cloning tools, effectors, and even hair tools, creating a lively, hair waving in the wind.
- Lighting. CINEMA 4D Studio offers an abundance of opportunities for lighting your scene. A variety of standard light sources and shadow types included in the package can be customized with countless options, from light attenuation and finishing interior light of the effects of the lens to the list of inclusion and exclusion.
Important changes and additions in Maxon Cinema 4D R14.
- Sculpting. Organic Modeling? Very simple! Lepite, squeeze, scrape, cut surface of the model, or use sophisticated features of symmetry. Stamps and masks you work out the details with high accuracy. Organize the work of special layers that can be turned on and off, and you can use a different intensity. The results can be used as usual geometry, or bake in a normal map or occlusion of the environment.
- Modeling. Thanks to the new CINEMA 4D R14 work surface and auxiliary lines appear even more control, and it's even easier to navigate in the simulation. In addition, these features are great aids for engineering design. Isolation Raycast, possible by clamping the right mouse button, will facilitate the selection of objects.
- Animation. New features make it easier to work with sound, the waveform of which can now be displayed in the editing window and F-curves. For optimal viewing will only show the part of the animation path, which is in the current animation viewing.
- Rendering. Improvements and additions to the material allow you to create even more realistic images. New shader "Tree" ennobles furniture or flooring scene in seconds. Supplement post-effects output to a new level of flexibility is required to optimize the processing and rendered images. Also the manager of images in CINEMA R14 got something new: the individual images can be combined into a stereo image, and frames subjected to color correction. New Dashboard accelerates.
- Workflow. CINEMA 4D R14 has a leading tool for sharing data with other programs, and continues to develop them. Based on a survey of users, we have improved the interaction of CINEMA 4D with programs that you were the most important. It's now even easier to use CINEMA 4D in conjunction with After Effects, Photoshop, or Nuke!
- Interface. CINEMA 4D is felt even more flexible than before. Accelerate your workflow by using the search function, including new elements of the composition in the chamber and optimizes the composition using the golden section grid or diagonals. Improved OpenGL viewport now shows soft shadows, and the focal pipette camera will help fine-tune the depth of field. Additionally, Arabic interface makes using CINEMA 4D users now speaking the language.
Content Library Update for CINEMA 4D R14
This is an update for the content libraries for all CINEMA 4D R14 versions. It contains fixes and improvements to many example scenes, as well modifications and corrections to various objects and materials. The update consists of three parts put in folder "Content.C4Dr14".
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