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AKVIS Coloriage - program for coloring black and white photos and replacing colors on color images. Coloriage is clear and simple as a child's coloring book (the name of the program - "koloryazh" - from the French for "coloring", "coloring"). The program is extremely easy to use, requires no special effort, transforms the work into the game, drawing and inspiring. The main problem - the separation of areas and choice of colors. Just a few strokes to designate sites for repainting and run the calculation. Coloriage recognizes the borders and paint the image, superimposing color with light texture, light and shadow. This automatic colorization significantly saves time!
The program includes a rich library of colors to choose delicate shades of skin, hair, foliage, sky and other natural colors. It is possible to save and load the "finishing touches", one click to change the selected color. Additional tool - repaints brush - allows to correct the result of automatic coloring. Also, the brush can be used as a standalone tool for coloring by hand.
Scope Coloriage is very extensive. The program allows you to colorize old black-and-white scanned images, to replace some of the colors in the color digital images, manipulate images, adding color to them (anime, comics, cartoons).
The program greatly facilitates the work of the designer in the selection of colors interior and exterior of the building. You can not only learn practical benefit from the application of the program, but also to get pleasure from it. After Coloriage allows you to experiment with a selection of shades of hair and costume.
The program can easily paint as a separate subject in the image, and the image as a whole, will breathe life into the picture 100 years ago!
AKVIS Coloriage is presented as a plugin to a photo editor, and as a separate, independent program. Works with images RGB (8/16 bits), supports the formats JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG. When you load the program image in color models CMYK, Grayscale, Lab, etc. is automatically switching to RGB. Coloriage plugin can handle almost any file that opens a graphical editor from a list of compatible (including. Psd), mode RGB.
AKVIS Coloriage is presented as a plugin to image editors (plugin) and as a separate, independent program (standalone), which does not require the presence of photo editors.
In version 9.0:
Improved tool to select the color dropper. Tool cursor is now shown with the color of the ring, allowing more accurately select the color.
Added support tools and hand magnifier, facilitating work with image.
Added the ability to hide the colored bars.
Change the folder to automatically save strokes.
Now used: C: \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ AKVIS for Windows; HD / Users / Shared / AKVIS on Mac OS.
Changed the icon for the tool Protecting pencil.
Compatibility with Windows 8.
Added compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8.
Fixed a bug with the GPU in a version for Mac.