Download key generator for SchoolBell 7.1 Bilanguage

SchoolBell plays sounds at specified times. It can be used to control the sound system of a school or business. Supported sound file formats are Wave, MP3 and MIDI. Different sounds can be defined for special events. Sounds can be faded out after a specific time, so normal music files can be used Different tables allow non-standard schedules on some days (for instance on friday). The system time can be synchronized via internet. SchoolBell can start automatically and run minimized, so the computer can be used for other tasks.
- Up to 7 time tables with max. 100 entries
- Plays WAV, MP3 and MIDI-files
- Different sounds for special events
- Fade-out function
- Energy save mode
- Time synchronisation via Internet
- Network mode to set up clients centrally
- Works in background
- Simple editing of time tables
- Preview of next event, with count-down
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