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Kuassa Kratos Maximizer v1.0.9-R2R | 18.3MB
Kratos Maximizer is a transparent, mastering grade look-ahead brickwall limiter and loudness maximizer. Put it on your master channel to give that loud, commercial quality release out of your mix without squashing effect and artifacts. Kratos Maximizer offers easy control over the loudness level via the main Maximize knob while can also go deeper for more demanding users, giving a control over Texture, Release, Knee, and Ceiling for greater loudness while retaining your mixes original color and dynamics.
Kratos Maximizer: Pristine Perfection at Full Power!
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Added 64-bit support.
Mac VST: Unresponsive GUI on VST-RTAS Wrapper fixed.
Uses newer VSTGUI engine.
License name error handler added.
Noise on empty signal fixed.