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Rust Vol. 1 is an eclectic but deep collection of metallic percussion ?instruments? recorded in a variety of natural environments. Some objects are roughly tuned to a musical pitch, while others are raw, jagged and purely percussive.
This first volume focuses on classic small objects and found sounds, such as metal racks, paint cans, soda cans, magnetic balls, steel pipes, brass hardware, a musical saw and odd bits of furniture, along with large structures like mine shaft gates, steel tunnels, towering stairways and massive structural I-Beams. While a few of the instruments were recorded in one of our favorite large halls or our recording booths, many of these naturally captured sounds were recorded out in the real world, in a lot of uncontrolled and even noisy outdoor or public environments. But hey, when you?re trying to capture something strange or new, you can?t always micromanage everything around you. You may hear things like stray human voices, bird chirps, distant machinery, road noise, blowing wind or other random sounds hidden in the background of some samples. We consider that subtle coloring as all part of the character, flavor and authenticity unique to these instruments. We feel it?s better to have variety than to aim for sterile perfection, in our humble point of view.
For version 2.0, we?ve refined key mapping and zone placement, velocity layering, randomization, tuning and more. We?ve also incorporated a full range of user controls to allow total sonic shaping. We?ve also refined sample edits and added a collection of all-new ambient textures and sustaining content. Rust Vo. 1 is designed to be easy to use and inspiring to work with, with an incredible depth of sonic potential suitable for use in any musical and sound design genre.
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