Download key generator for Medal of Honor Warfighter: Limited Edition v1.0.0.2

2012 | PC | Language & Sound language : English | Developer : Danger Close | Publisher : Electronic Arts \ EA Russia | 11.25GB
Genre : Action
British SAS. German KSK. Russian special forces. U.S. Navy SEALs and eight special forces Tier 1 from around the world. For the first time in the series Medal of Honor you can play as members of the elite units around the world. The game's plot was written first-tier fighters Tier 1 based on real events.
Medal of Honor Warfighter invites players to fully enjoy yourself on what it is - to be one of the most disciplined and effective soldiers of today. Fight the world terrorist threat in real locations around the world, with real enemies. Realistic nowhere. Medal of Honor Warfighter - is visiting the real hot spots of the world in a single campaign and opposition Tier 1 operatives in the multiplayer.
Participate in real events around the world
Players find themselves in the shoes of the first echelon of fighters Tier 1 during the liquidation of the international terrorist threat posed by the proliferation of explosives "PETN" from rescue hostages held by the Abu Sayyaf organization in the castle on the island of Basilan before the storm "pirate city" movement of Al-Shabaab on the Somali coast . Story Medal of Honor Warfighter is directly related to the actual events and gives the opportunity to learn as they might unfold, fold all different.
Feel yourself in a real fight
In Medal of Honor Warfighter achieved an incredible level of picture quality and sound thanks to advanced Frostbite 2. From the sound of weapons to the landscape scene - every detail is realistic to the limit.
Fight the real terrorist threat
As in any game series Medal of Honor, the history of individual soldiers are assigned to a special place. Medal of Honor Warfighter tells the story of an American operative Tier 1, "Preacher", who returns from work to find that the family split up after years of absence. When a deadly explosive first used against the civilian population and the collision of two worlds, Prophet and his companions are sent into enemy territory to protect those who are dear to them.
Features repack
Language: English
Release type: Repack (nothing is removed)
Release quality: Lossless
Size: 11.2 Gb
Size require for installation: 15.8 Gb
Size after install: 15.8 Gb
Install time: ~ 1 hour
Crack: Fairlight
System requirements :
OS: Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz / Athlon X2 2.7GHz
RAM: At least 2 GB
Disc Drive: CD/DVD ROM drive (required for installation only)
Hard Drive: At least 20GB of free space
Graphics card: NVidia 8800 GTS 512 MB VRAM or better / ATI Radeon 3870 512 MB VRAM
DirectX: DirectX 10.1 compatible
Graphics memory: 512 MB or better
Online Connection Requirements: 1 MB DSL KBPS or faster Internet Connection
Input: Keyboard and Mouse