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Zoner Photo Studio is the new way to manage your photos. Have you ever bought photo software and found its missing something? With Zoner Photo Studio, this will never happen. With Zoner Photo Studio Professional you get an all-in-one photos program for every step from acquiring photos to readying them to organizing them to sharing them.Zoner Photo Studio is made for every user of digital cameras, scanners, and mobile devices. It contains everything you need for quality digital photo processing from start to finish: tools for downloading to your computer, for automatic and manual editing and defect correction in pictures, for easy photo management, and for sharing and publishing photos. Zoner Photo Studio is useful for beginners, advanced users, and experienced photographers, who can select one out of four different variants.
Take control of your digital photos with Zoner Photo Studio. Acquiring photos from your camera, your scanner, and even your screen has never been easier. Have fun organizing, sorting and browsing through your digital memories.
With Zoner Photo Studio, you'll be improving and personalizing your photos with special effects. Wow your family and friends with 3D photos and impressive panoramas!
Whether you are sharing your pictures with your family and friends or publishing to a web gallery, Zoner Photo Studio has the tools for you. Many options are available to help you organize and store your photos on external drives, DVDs, and other media.
Furthermore, Zoner Photo Studio supports the today's computing technology: SSE and MMX processor technologies and powerful multi-core processors.
Zoner Photo Studio also provides effects from fun (e.g. oil painting and posterization) to highly professional (e.g. framing and text-in-image). Supported file formats: BMI, BMP, CR2, CRW, DIB, GIF, ICO, JPE, JPEG, JPG, MAC, MDM, MRW, NEF, ORF, PCD, PCX, PNG, PSD, PSP, RAW, RLE, TGA, THM, TIF, WPF, EMF, WMF, ZBR, ZCL, ZMF, ZMP. When DirectX support is installed on a computer, Zoner Photo Studio 8 can also display the following multimedia formats: ASF, AVI, M1V, MOV, MPE, MPEG, MPG, QT, WMV, AIF, AIFF, AU, MID, MIDI, MP3, MP3, MPA, RMI, SND, WAV, and WMA. The Deluxe version includes a backup CD, 3D glasses, and Zoner Draw 5 for free! To pick up your purchase immediately, download and install the trial version and unlock using your license code. To pick up your purchase after receiving your CD roughly a week from now, install from that CD, then unlock using your license code.
- Universal "all in one" solution
Zoner Photo Studio is a tool that includes a complete set of tools for processing digital photos. It is broad enough in scope to meet the needs of a wide range of users. Zoner Photo Studio will reliably replace the multiple independent, non-interconnected, and uncooperating programs you could end up using without it.
- GPS Support
Tell your photos where they were taken! Then let them show you the same, on an on-line map like Google Maps. Photos can store GPS datathe longitude, latitude, and even altitude where they were taken, and Zoner can help you automatically bring this info in from any GPS devices track log or hand-enter it and can then use it to show shot locations on a map. No other photo manager can do this!
- Web Galleries
Web galleries mean no-hassle viewing of your work for anyone youd like to share with. And the web galleries wizard in Zoner Photo Studio means no-hassle creation of web galleries. No need to learn a special languagebut you still get to offer your visitors advanced features like discussion forums and GPS support: they can easily see on a map where you did your shoot.
- Batch Editing
Digital photography can easily mean hundreds of photos per shoot. Even after you toss the bad ones out, brushing up that many photos can drive you crazy if you do it by hand. So dont! Use the new batch filter feature in Zoner Photo Studio to make any combination of edits you want to any set of photos you want. You can can even save and re-use sets of edits. Let Zoner Photo Studio make the computer do the hard work!
Here are some key features of "Zoner Photo Studio Professional":
Acquire photos from your camera, scanner, card, or screen
Fix pictures fast with Quick Fix
Save time with convenient batch operations
Quickly find all photos and pictures on your hard drive
Create panoramas and 3D photos easily
Use a wide array of edits and effects
Add GPS photo locations and see them on a map
Publish to the web easily and directly
Templates for calendars, greeting cards, and more
Save money with the Paper Saver
Enjoy the fresh, easy-to-use interface
Whats New in Zoner Photo Studio 15:
* Quick Edits Bar: In Zoner Photo Studio 15 you always have your most-used tools right at hand. Thanks to the intuitive sliders in the Quick Edits pane, youll find it easy to set things up the way you need, and youll see the results of your edits right away. When you really like what you see, you can save your Quick Edits for use on other photos later. Simple, easy, fast.
* The New Import Window: Just hook up your camera, and Zoner Photo Studio will find new photos, store them safely, and sort them into folders. Once youve got the import settings you want, you never have to worry about them again. And your favorite photo manager will always make sure your photo collection is up to date.
* Tilt-shift Effect: Want some cant-miss pictures? Weve helped you create them before with Tone Mapping, Panoramas, and 3D photos, and now we have yet another trendy new effect.
* The Tilt-shift effect makes objects in your photo look like miniatures. Forget about expensive tilt-shift lenses once and for all. Now all it takes is an ordinary photo and Zoner Photo Studio 15.
* On-line Photo Editing: Since version 14, Zoner Photo Studio has been integrated with the Zonerama online gallery, where tens of thousands of users are already sharing photos with their friends. Now you can also edit your Zonerama photos straight from inside Zoner Photo Studio.
* Automatic backups of originals
* New Import Module
* Manager Folder synchronization
* Manager new Quick Search tool in the Browser
* Editor new Quick Edits panel
* Editor new Tilt-shift tool
* Editor new Place Shape tool
* Editor settings for the Place tools now conveniently in the new Side Panel
* Editor Healing Brush improved quality and speed
* Filters new Quick Filters
* Filters new Tilt-shift filter
* Filters Tone Mapping new Contrast method
* Filters Enhance Exposure new settings available
* Filters Enhance Colors new Vibrance setting
* Zonerama now possible to edit Zonerama photos directly from ZPS
* 3D images added output options MPO, JPS, and PNS, for e.g. 3D TV viewing
* GPU acceleration more cards supported, two more functions accelerated: Tone Mapping, Tilt-Shift Effect
* Scanning support for scanning over the WIA interface
* Interface now possible to hide title bar upon maximizing window
* More interface improvements
* More optimizations for multi-core processors