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ZOHO ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer Pro
AdventNet ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer - software for the analysis bandwidth. It enables administrators to obtain information about who, what, where, when and how to spread rate, and in addition, is a convenient tool for instant network diagnostics.
- Identification of the users and applications that consume the most traffic;
- There is a change of traffic for different time periods;
- Determined malicious traffic, critical elements in the network, and so on. - A comprehensive set of charts and reports;
- Custom applications and ports;
- User-friendly network interface.
Organizations around the world turn to NetFlow Analyzer, when it is necessary to optimize their networks to maximize performance. To get the best from your network requires a comprehensive review of the results. NetFlow Analyzer will give you no more, no less than the incomparable view of your network in real time and an understanding of how your traffic affects the state of your network as a whole.
This information will instantly associate the cause of network incidents, understand the characteristics of network performance, correct loading plan, and of course, save your time!
With technologies Cisco's NetFlow & Cisco 's NBAR, reinforcing detalizatsiiyu, NetFlow Analyzer shows you which applications and users are bandwidth, and when. When the link loads slowly, you need to find out what caused it, what systems consume the most resources, and how much the link is in that state. Without information about fine-outgoing and incoming traffic can never discover the root cause of the problem. You simply redirect traffic through another link or request more bandwidth.
- How to determine what is wrong, before the user starts to complain?
- Where do you find the culprit in the problems with bandwidth?
- Do you realize that you need more bandwidth?
- As a newly installed application will affect network performance?
NetFlow Analyzer helps you answer these and other questions. With instantaneous reports on each system, application, and communication session through your network, network troubleshooting easier and takes much less time. Traffic schedules for various periods of time is shown by the use of capacity on routed interfaces, and other fields, based on IP.