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Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 Enterprise x64
Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 (TMG) enables employees to safely and effectively use the Internet to work without worrying about malware and other threats. It provides access to multiple levels of continuously updated protections, including URL-address filtering, search for malware, intrusion prevention, firewall, application layer and the network and check HTTP / HTTPS, which are integrated into a single, easy to manage gateway, reducing the cost of Web security system, and also makes it less complicated.
Overview of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (Forefront TMG):
- Support for 64-bit architectures:
Forefront TMG is a product completely built on the code base of 64-bit platform. Forefront TMG is installed only on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64. It should be noted that, similar to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, the beta version is 32-bit, allowing acquainted with the product in a virtual environment running Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Virtual Server.
- Support for IPv6:
This can hardly be called a "fichey" rather mandatory implementation to date of the functional.
- Web Access Policy:
In Forefront TMG, a new configuration node called Web Access Policy. This site contains all the settings the Web Proxy service, the parameters of user access to Internet protocols HTTP, HTTPS, FTP-over-HTTP (tunneled FTP), as well as the configuration of the scanning module of user traffic for malicious code - Malware Inspection.
This assembly includes a special master configuration Configure Web Access Policy.
- Malware Content Inspection:
Forefront TMG has in its arsenal a module of web traffic for malicious code. This module uses the engine and the Microsoft Antimalware Engine allows to inspect HTTP and tunneled FTP-traffic Web proxy clients. Moreover, you can even check traffic outbound HTTPS-connections! The user whose SSL-session module checked Malware Inspection, is notified of the process. It is also possible to exclude certain sites from checking. Checking module provides flexible configuration options. When downloading large files, you may be shown on the process check downloaded files for malicious code.