Download key generator for Digieffects MegaSuite 2.5 for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro

An updated set of plug-ins for digital video editing from Digieffects, extend the capabilities of your video processing: Buena Depth Cue 2.5, Damage 2.5 and Delirium 2.5.
Buena Depth Cue 2.5
Set of plugins for 3D manipulation in After Effects, you can create realistic depth of the 3D-layers. The most innovative music videos and songs drawn from the plug-ins to create visual depth in After Effects. Buena Depth Cue is the most innovative approach to create visual depth in AE-compositions. Using composition-based effects, such as Rack Focus, drop light or fog, you can simulate the Z-depth to your composition in a way that simply can not be done through the use of depth of field. In total, Buena Depth Cue v2 includes 6 effects.
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Damage 2.5
Plug-in for the creation of electronic defects in the video frames. Digieffects Damage became a sensation almost from the moment of creation.
This collection of visual effects plug-ins designed to simulate analog and digital errors and defects in your footage.
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Delirium 2.5
Plugin, which includes 44 visual effects, and provides tools to create fire, smoke and bubbles on the basis of the particle. These particle effects, advanced built-in turbulence can create realistic imagery without resorting to complex 3D-software.
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Additional Information:
Video tutorials
More than 100 ready-made designs
The procedure for treatment:
It turned out that not all the effects of the packs for CS6 (in Delrium - Glow, for example) were treated, so I propose an algorithm of installation:
I. We put the first version for CS6 (unless of course he is).
When installing enter the serial number of the requested file serial.txt and immediately press the button "Activate".
II. If you require any effect with the logo, the top version to version, you must put the CS6 pack for CS5.5.
1) When installing the skip box, enter the serial number, and then apply the patch setup according to the capacity of your system.
2) Copy the contents of the c: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Common \ Plug-ins \ CS5.5 \ MediaCore \ in c: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Common \ Plug-ins \ CS6 \ MediaCore \.
3) All.
System requirements:
Buena Depth Cue v2.5 - AE AE CS5.5, AE CS6
Damage v2.5 - AE & PrPro CS5.5, CS6, (Edius)
Delirium v2.5 - AE & PrPro CS5.5, CS6, (Edius)
32-bit: CS3-CS5.5 (Edius)
Windows XP Professional SP2/Windows Vista / Windows 7; Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP; RAM 2 GB.
Ediusa not, so check which version (32 or 64) will be on it, I can not. At ofsayte also silence.