Download key generator for BeLight Art Text 2.4.2

Art Text is an application to create high quality headings, web site graphics, buttons, logos and icons. Multi layer support turns Art Text into flexible tool to create complex graphics for web and print materials. Template Gallery provides over 300 ready made buttons, headings, logos and icons.
All Features of Art Text
Multiple layers supported.
LinkBack technology supported.
Export into a file or clipboard in TIFF, JPEG, PDF, EPS, GIFF and PNG formats.
Multi-Touch trackpad gestures supported.
Ability to print the created artwork.
English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese localizations available.
300+ ready made templates that will enrich your text and web documents.
100+ pre-designed styles aimed at the quick creation of headings, icons, logos and web buttons.
600 supplied vector icons and shapes with the ability to use your own.
100 additional fonts (retail edition only).
The Shading Pro tool offers over 245 ready-made surface materials and the ability to create your own one.
Collection of 190+ supplied textures.
Adjustable shadow and glow effects.
Radial and Linear gradient options.
Color or texture fill capability.
Unlimited strokes allow to outline text or artwork with different colors.
Warp text using 22 adjustable vector transformation shapes or Bezier splines.
Several layers can be selected and edited simultaneously.
Blend Modes allow layers to overlap each other with different effects, helping to mask or partially shade images.
Flip, rotate and control the opacity of objects.
Split into Letters sends all of the letters of a word to different layers.
Extract a Letter(s) allows you to select any portion of a word and extract it to a new layer.
Multiline text support.
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later