Download key generator for Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 9.1.406

Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 9.1.406 (x86/x64)
Call Tree - provides a graphical representation of the flow of execution of the application and helps to identify critical functions and the time spent in the application. Profiling call tree provides a graphical representation of a high-level algorithmic and program-based instrumentation binary executable file that is used to collect data on the sequence of function calls.
Sampling based on timing and events. Cemplirovanie - a statistical method with low overhead, designed to identify performance bottlenecks. Sampling based on time measurement finds critical sections of code programs that consume a significant share of the CPU. Event-based sampling finds places where failures occur caching, branch prediction error and other performance issues.
View Source - The results are displayed line by sampling the original / translated code.
Monitor readings - provides information about the performance at the system level, such as the consumption of resources at runtime
Intel Thread Profiler (Thread Profiler) - timeline shows that it makes the stream and how they interact. It also shows the distribution of the flows and detects load imbalance.
Performance Tuning Utility (PTU) (Performance Tuning Utility) - PTU - separate downloadable application that provides users with access to the VTune analyzer experimental technology settings. This includes, for example, analysis of data access (Data Access Analysis), which is able to detect critical areas of memory and correlate them with the critical sections of code.
Intel Parallel Amplifier (amplifier parallelism) - Parallel Amplifier - Performance Profiler, a component of Intel Parallel Studio. If you purchased the analyzer VTune, you can also download and use Parallel Amplifier. He adds statistical call tree (analysis of critical sections of code), and it uses less overhead than to build accurate VTune call tree, plus analysis of parallelizable, locks and expectations.