Download key generator for Kodak Preps v6.2.1 build 158

The main function of the program is automated location of individual bands publication and service elements (the control scales, label cutting, etc.) on a printed sheet. Preps also supports more complex triggers the problem, such as roll printing from multiple streams, job performance information in the format of CIP-3 and JDF for future use software for managing press, printing and Post printing equipment, etc.
Preps certified as CIP4 JDF compatible product (JDF 1.2 LayCrImp, Base ICS (L0), JDF 1.3 LayCrImp, Base ICS (L0).
Preps can operate in different modes. When working offline software can create the flow of pages in the format PS, EPS, PDF files and other triggers, ready for a conclusion to the imagesetter or CtP. When used in the Kodak Prinergy and Prinergy Evo Preps usually used to create JDF templates, dynamic pages inhabited by the formation of an independent page-imposition.
Compatibility and version
Preps is the de-facto standard for software imposition, and is supported by virtually all systems of workflow management. However, only denser Preps integrates with Kodak Prinergy and Prinergy Evo, being a part of them. As part of the process control system is available floating license (s) for the Preps. In this case, Preps can be called from any client on the network Prinergy, not only from a computer connected to the dongle. Number of simultaneously active copies of Preps by the number of licenses. Preps is available in three versions: Pro, Plus and XL. XL version designed for use in digital printing. Plus and Pro versions are designed for use in prepress.
The archive added manuals and tutorials in English.
Key features:
+ Support for Intel Mac
+ Support for PostScript, PDF (including Adobe Acrobat 7), EPS and TIFF files
+ SmartMarks
+ Group labels
+ PDF in / PDF out (Support Native PDF Workflow)
+ WYSIWYG template editor
+ Optimization and download fonts
+ Preview of the Adobe PostScript 3
+ Compensation strain printed sheet in roll printing
+ Automation with AppleScript (for Macintosh)
+ Export data Compucut CIP3
+ Output JDF / PJTF
+ Support for Adobe PostScript 3 In-RIP Trapping
+ Placeholder (temporarily replacing the missing files)
+ Separations
+ OPI - support (substitution TIFF and EPS high resolution)
+ Treatment of DCS (merger separations DCS - files)
+ Support for multiple signatures on a printed form
+ Automatic and manual Teeling
+ Tags (Press Marks)
+ Xerox Signature Booklet Maker (SBM)
+ Xerox DocuTech, DocuPrint & DocuColor Job Tickets