Download key generator for PureBasic 4.61 Build 1326

PureBasic is a modern, cross-platform development environment, and games, as well as kernel-mode driver of the operating system, in the language BASIC, allowing you to create native-application platform: Windows x86, x64; other than Linux x86, x64; Mas OS X Intel and Mac OS X PowerPS. Created to work programs are not required to install additional packages like. NET Framework and runtime library that facilitates the transfer of programs to other computers.
It should be noted that the size of the programs created by the relatively small (2 KB) and depends on the code of the program, due to the optimizing compiler, is added to the executable (in Windows it's EXE or DLL) code only functions actually used in the program. Depending on the compilation options, you can create as ASCII, and Unicode applications. Since the compilation process involved assembler FASM, it allows you to add code to assembler instructions and directives FASMa.
System requirements:
Pentium 2, 128 MB RAM, 50 MB HDD.
Year / Date of Release:2012
Version: 4.61 Build 1326
Developer:Fantaisie Software
Bit depth:32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista:complete (Windows version only)
Compatible with Windows 7: full (Windows version only)
Language: Multilingual
Medicine:Not required (licensed version)