Download key generator for ANSYS Multiphysics v13

The most complete calculation of the complex equipment, which
includes all possible physical disciplines (strength and heat), and
electromagnetic analysis module Emag (magnetostatics, electrostatics,
electrical conductivity, low-frequency harmonic analysis,
high-analysis) and fluid dynamics module, CFX-Flo (stationary and
unsteady, compressible and incompressible, laminar and turbulent
flows, natural and forced convection, conjugate heat transfer, viscous
flow and multi-component, filtering).
Contains in its structure geometric waxer, designed to create
geometric patterns using graphics primitives, transactions with them
and their parametric descriptions. Building a solid model is possible
using a combination of two options: using boolean operations of
primitives or a set of ready-made with a serial hierarchical
structure, starting with the anchor points, then - lines, splines, and
then - to a solid. The presence of these design options provides the
flexibility to quickly create complex models. Supports two-way
exchange of data by importing models from most CAD-systems, including
UG, Pro / E, as well as neutral geometry formats read IGES, SAT, STEP,