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Fifteen-year bully Jimmy Hopkins comes to the academy Bulvort -
boarding school with a very dubious reputation. In its walls to the
young hero to be more than a sip of teenage pleasures - with all its
consequences. rackety life, complicated relationships with girls,
violent scuffles with the seniors, the machinations of my classmates,
the excitement of sports, difficulty with exams - shkolyarskaya life
is full of thrills, especially in Academy of the worst in New England.
Grand Theft Auto (GTA) - the cult of video games, the first part of
the popular series Grand Theft Auto, which has ten independent games.
The player will assume the role of a criminal who can move freely
around the city and perform various missions or assignments such as
bank robberies, assassinations and other crimes.
Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 The game is set in London in 1969. The
player will once again carry out various missions in the role of the
offender, rising through the ranks of organized crime. Interim
campaign setting allowed developers to add the game a lot of
references to the culture of the 60s, including the appearance of the
character, reminiscent of James Bond and the use of typical jargon. In
the dialogues GTA: London 1969 can be found such memorable phrases as
�Oy, stop right there!�, �You're nicked!� And �You're brown
bread!�. And of course, the game is respected left-hand drive,
adopted in the UK. > Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 is set in London
for eight years before London 1969. In this appendix the player will
face new missions, 22 new vehicles, a new movie, as well as in the
multiplayer mode is Deathmatch, based on the English city of
Manchester. It is interesting that a GTA London 1961 is available only
However, the amendment requires installation London 1969 (available
for PS and PC), which in turn requires the original Grand Theft Auto.
1961 London is one of the lesser known games in the series Grand Theft
Auto. This policy has contributed to Rockstar Games, which does not
unfriendly menus, etc., etc., etc. ...
Who said that the choice easy task? The company "Buka" long agonized
question, "To Be or Not To Be?" and decided to ... BE! Be - ugliness,
offensive, obscene and bawdry! Of the two versions of the game GTA 2 -
politically correct and politically incorrect - the choice fell on the
second. Russia - not France (which has chosen - not to be!) And now
you are waiting for chilling by the courage and cruelty of the job and
using obscene sauntreki vocabulary (do not close your ears - they are
in English!) Within five years, GTA has been a most unusual game the
world. The action took place in three huge cities, the player
possessed of boundless freedom and could move around the city where he
pleases. Convenient camera with zoom, music and graphics - all this
created a unique atmosphere of the most anti-social game in the world.
GTA2 main premise in the game continued. The player's task - to become
anti-social element number one - has remained the same. In GTA2
retained the former top view camera with dynamic scaling, full freedom
of movement, religion, and dengozarabatyvaniya. City came to life -
compared to the progenitor of its interactivity has increased ten
times. We are immersed in a world of chaos, lawlessness, corruption
and anarchy. The game has gangs, each with its own characteristics,
especially individual AI scripts, the zone of influence in the city,
to do with our hero and his business.
The game is set in the early 2000s in a metropolis of Liberty City.
This city has long been divided into spheres of influence in several
mafia groups, between which occur every now and then bloody clashes.
It so happened that during a raid on the bank of the main hero of the
game, one of the mercenary bands, betrayed only by a miracle he
managed to stay alive. He now has only one purpose - to avenge the
enemies, until that awful city did not break it completely. local boss
needs his services, corrupt cops - his help, and street gangs - the
corpse. To survive here, have to go to any risk.
Welcome to the City of Vice - Vice City, a huge hive, where has it
all: golden beaches and stinking swamps, shine and poverty, palaces
and slums. The loudest hit of the year, Vice City allows you to look
into the bright, full of black humor and violence, the criminal world
of the giant metropolis, very reminiscent of Miami. Now you have the
chance to go all the way from the usual street bouncer to the elite of
the underworld. After arriving in a metropolis full of temptations and
pleasures, the protagonist Tommy Verchetti loses in the first
transaction. He wants to get their money back, but stand in the way of
the gang of bikers, Cuban gangsters and corrupt politicians. It seems
that the entire Vice City rallied against Tommy. There remains only
one thing: fight fire with fire - and, finally, to lay their hands on
the town!
Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the Los Santos (state of
San Andreas) - City crime, drugs and corruption, where even movie
stars and millionaires have any means to defend themselves from
bandits and extortionists. Beginning of the 1990s. Carl returns home.
His mother was killed, the family split up, my friends are in trouble,
but against him made ​​a false accusation of murder. To return to
the family and restore the old context, Carl goes on a dangerous trip
to San Andreas, he should by all means to win the streets of the
Where can I steal dozens of cars a day, beating passers-by, firing
in the sex and earn money by selling drugs? In a game you shoot with
impunity detachment police grenade and a minute later, calmly dinner
in a nearby pizzeria? Grand Theft Auto series is renowned for its
scandalous manners, and great scope for creativity. However, in GTA 4
absolute permissiveness is not - this time game observes rules of real
life. These policemen, natural city, harsh rules of the criminal world
allow only one alternative: to adapt or die! The new hero - Niko
Bellich, come from Eastern Europe with criminal records. At the
invitation of cousin he arrives in the U.S. city of Liberty City,
hoping to find a better life without crime and murder. But the
American dream is a pipe mirage. Instead of quiet everyday life on the
ocean Niko is a lot of problems. To survive, he must again take up the
old and you have to go with him this way until the end!
History of Liberty City continues. Additions to the high-profile
criminal militant GTA IV users are immersed in the darkness of the
street fights and glamorous nightclub atmosphere. > The Lost and
Damned biker Johnny Klebits, wolf urban jungle, embroiled in a
ruthless war criminal groups in the spheres of influence. Grouping of
the Lost (The Lost) would be difficult to survive in the meat grinder.
> The Ballad of Gay Tony Luis Lopez, loyal assistant Tony Prince -
movers and shakers of club business, also known as Gay Tony. His goal
- to survive in the vicious world of glamor. Who is friend and who
foe? Who is faithful to the end, and who at the first opportunity stab
in the back? These questions should be answered himself a player.
Plots of two additions intersect with the scenario of the original
Grand Theft Auto IV, so that the player is not only a new party
squabbles, but also an opportunity from a different angle to look at
the familiar event.
You wake up in a panic, deafened by his own breath. You must run,
hide, survive. These are the bloody and brutal rule of the game.
America is grim industrial towns, where there is permissiveness. In
solitary confinement City only appreciate the thrill of the most
powerful of them - playing with human life. It can become a victim of
anyone. At this time no luck James ...
For six years he spent in the nuthouse, Daniel Lam no time deprived
of reason. Degree, a prestigious job, a loving wife and two small
children - what is it?