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Bricscad V12 Platinum revolutionizes .dwg-based modeling with its 3D
constraint solver. Users can now add 3D constraints to edges, faces,
and to several types of 3D solids. Constraints are added to the
constraint control panel in a manner similar to 2D constraints. Users
can view constraints in the model simply by selecting them in the
Bricscad V12 Platinum protects the user against over-constrained
models, and includes a design intent detector, which optionally
analyzes repetitive
operations on elements, detects the intentions of users, and applies
the appropriate operations automatically on detected elements.
With the introduction of these powerful modeling capabilities, we
make 3D direct modeling affordable for everyone, said Erik De Keyser,
CEO of Bricsys. By adding high-end technology, like design intent and
3D constraint solvers, we are strongly signaling our ambition to enter
the 3D space in the MCAD and AEC markets.