Download key generator for Alibre Design Expert 2012

Parametric design is the de facto standard for 3D mechanical design
and manufacturing. If you are not using a true parametric modeler, you
are wasting time. Parametric basically means that you create
intelligent parts, assemblies, and drawings that can be updated later
easily and with a minimum of rework. Wherever a part is used, for
example in an assembly, BOM, or 2D drawing, changes will be reflected
Alibre Design is built from the ground up to be fully parametric.
All modules are completely interconnected and design changes are a
matter of double clicking dimensions you used to create your part
originally and typing in new numbers. When you open your assembly, you
will see the part has been updated for you. When you open your
drawings, you will see all the views, including partial views, section
views, and anything else will also be updated. The dimensions will
have changed for you, and you will not waste any time needlessly
redoing 2D drawings.