Download key generator for Native Instruments Akoustik Piano 1.1.3

AKOUSTIK PIANO - one of the most accurate software pianos. Emulator
combines sampled sound, expressiveness and brilliant sound of the
three most recognized brands grand piano: Steinway D �, Bechstein D
280 � and Boesendorfer 290 Imperial �, as well as the charismatic
Steingraeber 130 vintage upright piano �. The emulator includes the
entire range of sounds and styles of piano, makes it possible to mix
in different proportions on your computer sound characteristics and
subtle tonal nuances of all four instruments. Piano emulator AKOUSTIK
PIANO - the perfect complement for studios, rehearsal bases, stages
and clubs.
Emulator AKOUSTIK PIANO - the new standard in sound quality, with
unparalleled authenticity embodied the fullness and sensuousness of
the original.
During the recording of original piano recordings used the latest
technology and specially designed microphones. This results in a
surprisingly soft, transparent and flexible sound that conveys in
detail all the unique features of each piano individually and if
necessary can be configured.
Virtual piano AKOUSTIK PIANO works just like the real piano. The
keys are sensitive to pressure, much attention was paid to complete
the capture of closed and open phases. New Technology Layer Morphing
Technology generates a seamless dynamic gradient. The characteristic
resonances of the use of the pedals can be adjusted directly as weak
mechanical noises of pedals and keys. The software product is based on
the legendary extremely powerful engine of Native Instruments, which
ensures a fully faithful reproduction of the originals. High-end mics
and sound equipment to ensure high quality of recorded material - 3 GB
of samples for each piano. Virtual instrument transmits the entire
width and depth of sound from the original perfect pianissimo to
fortissimo powerful