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Tecnomatix Part Manufacturing - controlled environment consisting of
applications for the development of production methods, management
tools, process optimization, and flexible means of creating a variety
of technical documentation.
Tecnomatix Assembly Planning is the basis for collaboration
technology, manufacturing, suppliers and subcontractors, and allows
businesses to create a model process and analyze them. The solution
includes a wide range of applications to optimize the assembly
sequence, coordinate movement of equipment performance calculation and
utilization of assembly lines, lines, load balancing and analysis of
production costs.
Tecnomatix Plant Design & Optimization enables even before the
release of product to perform simulation of manufacturing systems and
processes, analyze, and maximize their effectiveness.
Tecnomatix Human Performance helps improve the ergonomics of product
design, manufacturing processes and maintenance operations.
Tecnomatix Quality Management provides a visual environment for the
analysis of deviations of sizes, sharing information about product
quality, create control programs for coordinate measuring machines
(CMMs) and CNC machine tools based on established the CAD model. The
digital environment allows to simulate the assembly of parts of
products with disabilities, identify problems and the most critical
tolerances that ensures the elimination of possible difficulties in
the assembly because of the spread of sizes.
1.) unpack the files
2.) burn or mount the image
3.) install
4.) Check Readme.txt into SHooTERS Dir
1. install the software.
2. use for flexlm license_771982.lic
3. copy all files from shooters dir into the install dir.
Have Fun Team Shooters !!!!!
System requirements:
* Operating system Microsoft � Windows Vista � (SP1 or SP2)
(32-bit or 64-bit) Business, Enterprise, Ultimate, or
* Windows � XP Professional (SP3) or Professional x64 Edition
* Processor Intel � Pentium � 4 2 GHz or higher, Intel � Xeon
�, Intel � Core �, AMD Athlon � 64, AMD Opteron �, or later.
* At least 2 GB of RAM
* Graphics card-level CAD workstations that supports OpenGL 1.1.
* Drive DVD-ROM.
* Pointing device compatible with the Microsoft Mouse.
* Monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher.