Download key generator for Quest Toad Data Modeler

With this cross-platform database modeling software, you can:
Build high-quality logical and physical data models
Compare and synchronize models
Generate complex SQL/DDL
Create and modify scripts
Reverse and forward engineer databases and data warehouse systems
Use a product that natively supports multiple databases, including
Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostreSQL, Ingres, MS Access,
and more
Create quality database structures and provide documentation on
multiple platforms
Generate new database structures or make changes to existing models
Build complex entity relationship models - both logical and physical
Reverse and forward engineer databases with ease
Import models from SQL scripts
Migrate structures across database platforms
Generate detailed reports on existing database structures
Customize models by adding logical data to your diagrams
Synchronize a model with the existing database using �ALTER�
script generation (Oracle and SQL Server) and Model Merge features
View relationships and work with attributes and columns from linked
entities and tables
Create project folders to store models, business requirements,
specifications, and other files for quick and easy access