Download key generator for XPresso Presets for Cinema 4D

The XPresso Preset Shop evolved from the website, a
motion design community that offers tools and training, mainly for
Cinema 4D users.
XPresso presets are big time savers in your daily Cinema 4D work.
With very few clicks you can fulfill complex tasks that normally would
have costed hours of research and work. Include them in the your
everyday Cinema 4D workflow, so that you can concentrate on other
XPresso presets can be super complex setups, but they can also just
be little helpers for the everyday workflow of Cinema 4D. The good
thing is: you don�t have to write a single line of code to create an
XPresso preset!
- Arrows
This preset is based on XPresso Lesson #5. Create simple arrows of
various shapes within seconds. Apply your own textures to the
different surfaces of the arrows. Works perfectly with the target tag.
- Carbon Nanotube Generator
Generate carbon nanotubes with any index number (n, m). Animate the
transformation between carbon nanotubes and 2D graphene sheets.
Furthermore, create cool effects by affecting the carbon atoms with
Mograph effectors.
- Cube Roller
Roll a cube across a flat surface through use of an easy controller.
Add curved fillet edges and the cube will roll over those too.
- DelayPro
Simple tool for creating spring animations. More possibilities for
Delay effector.
- Earth Maker
Easy way to make random, alternative earths.
- Fillex
Fill up your objects with this Xpresso preset. The 3D models from
the demo video are not included in the preset (except the pyramid).
- Particle Dissolve
Dissolves your logo/object into the air.
- PSR Animator
Animates the Position, Scale and Rotation of any object, on any axis
with some optional spring effect and some control-animation-splines
with zero keyframes.
- Waverine
Create abstract grids with lots of options, similar to the Trapcode
Form plugin for After Effects. Version 2 now supports image- and
video-based grid transformations.
- xDeformers
The xDeformers are a set of Cinema 4D deformers that have been
enhanced to instantly adjust to the parent object�s position,
rotation and scaling. Change the orientation on the fly to speed up
your workflow.
- RibRibbon
RibRibbon generates ribbons which can be used for a vast variety of
applications. It includes 9 premade ribbons and 21 materials.
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