Download key generator for Email Marketing Bulk Mailer 8.3

Bulk Mailer is professional high performance email marketing
software for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists
building at your desktop.
With Bulk Mailer You can easily manage mailing lists for your
subscribers, create high personalized HTML messages and newsletters
and send them in just few minutes.
Bulk Mailer is the most comprehensive and yet simple tool among the
leading email marketing software. With excellent designs and powerful
features you can get best results and beat your competitors.
Fast: Can send 20 000 messages per hour
Build-in SMTP server and Special Sending Modes.
High Personalization: Mail Merge Functions
Powerful HTML Editor: Flash, Images, Attachments.
Powerful Contact Lists Management
Tracking: Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes
Custom Opt-in Forms
External Databases: Direct access to any OLE DB/ODBC Database
Seamlessly Integration with Email Verifier Professional
Easy import/export email address list files.
Imports from Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book, Excel, CSV,
Oracle, MySQL, Dbase, Foxpro, Paradox.
Exports to Excel, Text, External Data Sources through ODBC/OLE DB.
Direct Sending Mode
Delay Sending Mode
Burst Sending Mode with unlimited email accounts
Checking email addresses in Direct Mode before sending will
eliminates 70% of "Mail undeliverable" messages
Detailed Sending Monitor
Detailed Sending Results Analyzing
Ability to resend unlimited times to failed recipients
Creates a detailed log for every operation
Text/HTML Email formats
Full support for international characters.
Multiple customizable easy-to-use mail accounts.
Styled text support
Process tags in subject
Send Fast
The sending speed is the fastest on the market. Sending engine uses
up to 500 connections simultaneously allowing incredible sending
speed. Sending speed is limited only by network connection speed and
computer hardware configuration.
Even an average computer using standard office connection can send
up to 20 000 messages per hour.
Build-in SMTP server - Most effective and reliable sending engine
for bulk emails
Bulk Mailer provides you with a powerful and flexible sending
engine. Bulk mailer has its own build-in SMTP Server and can send the
messages directly from your PC to the recipient's mail server
bypassing the ISP SMTP server. This significantly speeds up the
message sending and gives instant confirmation of delivery and
eliminates 70% of "Mail undeliverable" error messages you can get.
Relay Sending Mode - Working with existing ISP mail settings.
Due to security reasons some ISP do not allow sending emails
bypassing their SMTP servers and close the port 25 setup the
restrictions on number of sending emails. Bulk Mailer solves this
problem - it works with your existing ISP email settings and you can
choose the sending mode that works best for you.
ISP SMTP Relay - Send 30000 emails weekly and never be convicted of
The typical ISP allows sending only 100 email messages per hour.
Bulk Mailer has an option to send specified email message number per
hour. Just leave software working and within one week you will send
all messages without breaking any rule.
Burst Mode - Send with unlimited number of SMTP Relay servers.
Specify list of email accounts and Bulk Mailer will send email
messages trough all of them at once.
High Personalization
With Bulk Mailer you can send highly customized messages including
personalized message bodies and subject to every recipient using the
powerful Merge feature. This is the most efficient way to make contact
with your clients, that will bring you highest response rate.
Email Tracking
With Bulk Mailer Email Tracking Service you can gain a precise
understanding of what is happening to your messages and what part of
your newsletter is of greater interest to the subscribers. Email
tracking makes it possible to view opens, clicks-through, and the
recipients IPs.
There's no need to substitute your regular links to tracking ones.
When you switch on Email Tracking, all links are interchanged
Custom Opt-in Forms
With Bulk Mailer you can create customizable Opt-In Forms which you
can embed to your website. With our Opt-in Form you can collect more
that name and email address. You are free to include some optional
fields, such as company name, country, state, zip, pone, job title and
Make Rich Colorful HTML Messages.
Our software allows you to include any fonts, graphics and colors
turning your messages into professional online newsletters.
Flash Animation Movies
You can send Flash movies embedded inside the message itself. So
your message will deliver a high quality content such as sound and
File Attachment.
Send attached documents and files as many as you need.
Powerful List Management.
Manage an unlimited number of groups/lists with an unlimited number
of recipients in each. Merge lists, extract , remove duplicates and
perform many other operations.
Support of HTML and Text email formats
Bulk Mailer provides you with a fully featured message editor. In
addition to the plain text message format, there is a HTML editor.
Bulk Mailer automatically creates a plain text message alternative
while you are editing. By default recipients view HTML part of the
message. If their mail reader does not support HTML, the message will
be shown in plain text so everyone can view it. You can design your
email message directly within Bulk Mailer, or in another program and
then load it into Bulk Mailer.
Software like Norton Antivirus, Zone Alarm, Panda (and other
firewall, security and antivirus software) can reject access to
internet. Please, make sure that antivirus programs allow Bulk Mailer
to connect the Internet via 25 and 80 ports, otherwise it will not be
able to send mail. It is also strongly recommended to disable checking
outgoing emails in these programs.
In order to use direct sending mode, make sure you have access to
SMTP 25 port . In case you're working under a firewall, you can use
relay sending mode or send via socks proxy server. You can also
install Bulk Mailer on VPS/Dedicated Windows server or use a special
Email Sending Script.
Pay attention that the sending speed may vary. It depends on your
Internet connection speed and the size of the message.