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Compare images and binary files. Synchronize folders. Perform code
reviews and audits. Work with folder hierarchies containing thousands
of files. Merge integrates with many SCM (version control) systems and
other applications.
For legal and publishing professionals: instantly identify every
change between different contract or manuscript drafts. Directly open
and compare the text from Microsoft Office (Word and Excel),
OpenDocument, PDF and RTF files. Copy text from other applications
(such as Microsoft Word) and paste it directly into a text comparison
For software engineers and web developers: compare, understand and
combine different source file versions. Work quickly and accurately,
whether you are comparing individual files or reconciling entire
branches of source code. Use threeway comparison to integrate changes
made by you, and those made by a colleague, with a common ancestor
version. Synchronize a website with its staging area via ftp using the
supplied ftp plugin.
For release and quality control managers: compare different source
code branches to give total confidence that you know and understand
every change made to every file for a specific release. Compare
product releases to be certain that only the expected files have been
modified. Create an html or xml report of changes for audit purposes.
For code reviewers and auditors: identify in context every change
made between two or three source code hierarchies. Create a standalone
html or xml report of your findings. Add bookmarks and comments to a
file or folder comparison, then save it as a singlefile archive for
emailing to other team members for review.
Other users: Whether you are working with multiple revisions of text
files or need to keep multiple folder hierarchies in sync (for
example, between a desktop and laptop machine), Merge could help save
time and reduce errors by helping you to work quickly and accurately.
Merge enables you to compare and work with different revisions of
text files, such as program source code, xml and html files. Merge can
extract and compare the text from Microsoft Office, OpenDocument, PDF
and RTF files. XML files can be shown with special formatting, helping
you to see changes more clearly. It supports files with ascii, mbcs
and Unicode character encodings. A colourcoded sidebyside comparison
makes it easy to pinpoint at a glance similarities and differences
between files. Linking lines are drawn between the documents showing
clearly how they are related.
Pointandclick merging lets you choose the parts of each file that
you would like to add to a final merged version by simply clicking
buttons. The inplace editor with unlimited undo enables complete
control over the merged file as you create it. The file comparison
display dynamically updates as the merge progresses.
Merge shows detailed highlights of changes within lines. It can be
configured to ignore differences in whitespace and line endings, as
well as changes in lines matching specified regular expressions. The
latter is useful for ignoring unimportant changes such as timestamps
or expanded version control keywords.
Merge doesnt just compare text files. Use image comparison to
compare various types of image file and instantly see which pixels
have been modified. Binary comparison enables you to identify
differences in data files at a byte level.
Merge Professional adds advanced threeway visual file comparison and
merging to the Standard Editions twoway visual file comparison and
merging. This is particularly useful when more than one person is
working on the same set of files.
Automatic Merging enables swift reconciliation of even the largest
files. Threeway file comparisons can be launched directly from a
threeway folder comparison, allowing efficient integration of entire
branches of source code.
Merge supports folder hierarchy comparison and synchronization,
enabling you to compare and merge entire directory trees. This is
ideal for detecting changes in different versions of source code or
web pages. You can even use the efficient bytebybyte comparison option
to verify the contents of recordable cds or usb thumbsticks.
The Professional Edition of Merge supports threeway folder
comparison, enabling two revisions of a folder hierarchy to be merged
with their common ancestor or some other folder hierarchy. This can be
especially useful when used in conjunction with a source code control
or software configuration management system.
An ftp plugin gives Merge file and folder comparisons direct access
to files located on an ftp server. It is therefore possible to use a
folder comparison to synchronize a local copy of a websites content
with the main site itself, provided the main site is running an ftp