Download key generator for Hamster Free Video Converter

If you make home videos with a HD camera Hamster Free Video
Converter will make your videos suitable for the web in two clicks.
Hamster Free Video Converter is very easy-to-use. It requires no
special knowledge to convert video files. The Wizard will help you to
do all the settings when you are at a loss. Use the batch conversion
mode to save your time and effort. Just select the video files to be
converted (only one click if you want all the files from the current
folder to be converted) make the settings and click Convert! That
Hamster Free Video Converter helps you to change the codec or system
type between all popular video formats. You can also adjust AudioVideo
bitrate, Frame Rate, and even cut any piece of your movie. The latest
version of Hamster Free Video Converter has de-interlace feature.
Besides, you can incease volume of your video files. The process of
conversion is extremely fast.
Hamster Free Video Converter can also be integrated into the Windows
popup menu. It means that you can click the video file on your desktop
and select "Convert to" option in the popup menu. Think - you do not
have even to evoke the program to convert videos!
Supported Formats
* Audio Video Interleaved (.AVI)
* Windows Media Video (.WMV)
* DivX Video (.DIVX)
* XviD Video (.XVID)
* DVD Video (.VOB)
* Digital Video (.DV, .DIF)
* Apple QuickTime Video (.MOV)
* MPEG Video (.MPG, .MPEG, .MPE, .M1V, M2V, .MPV)
* MPEG4 Video (.MPEG4, .M4V, .MP4)
* Advanced Streaming Format (.ASF)
* AVS Video (.AVS)
* Intel Indeo Video (.IVF)
* Matroska Video Stream (.MKV)
* Mobile Phone Video (.3GP, .3G2)
* HD Video (.H261, .H264)
* JVC Digital Video (.MOD)
* WinAmp3 Video (.NSV)
* MythTV Video (.NUV, .NUT)
* Flash video (.FLI, .FLC, .FLX, .FLV, .FFM, .SWF)
* Sony high definition video (.MTS and .M2TS)
* RealMedia Variable Bitrate (RMVB)