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Even though VREVEAL is video enhancement software (not video editing
software), comparisons to video editors like Adobe Premiere Elements,
Sony Vegas, and Apple iMovie are understandable. These applications
allow you to do things like adjust sharpness and contrast, but only
vReveal offers the super-resolution technology that increases
resolution, significantly reduces noise, and provides sophisticated
stabilization. vReveal Premium customers enjoy all of the following
features, plus no watermarked logos on their videos and no
advertisements. The free version of vReveal displays some advertising
and places a temporary watermark on enhanced videos. The free version
of vReveal imports videos up to 1080p HD, but only exports up to 480p.
vReveal 3 Premium with Panorama gives you HD video processing,
saving to MP4 (H.264) format, and one-click panoramas from video in
full resolution. Plus, you get no watermarked logos on your videos,
and no advertisements.
* Runs on CPU-only systems
* GPU Acceleration with NVIDIA graphics processors
* Automatically locates all the videos on your PC and presents them
in a single gallery. (Re-discover videos you forgot you had!)
* Play video files
* Enhance videos
* One Click Fix
* Clean video noise
* 2x Resolution - Increase the detail of low-resolution videos
* Stabilize shaky videos
* Sharpen blurry videos
* De-interlace
* Contrast correction
* Brighten dark videos
* Fix videos in batches
* "Fine Tuning" enhancement controls for advanced users
* Simple (but handy!) Editing
* Rotate sideways videos
* Trim a video to its best moment
* Share
* Capture print - quality still images from enhanced videos
* Save to Windows Media (WMV) or uncompressed AVI
* Upload directly to YouTube or Facebook
� Import and enhance HD video (up to 1080p)
� Stabilize, Brighten, Sharpen, and more with One Click Fix
� Save to high-definition (HD)
� Special effects: Black & White, Vivid Colors, Glow, and more
� Remove grainy video noise with Clean
� Import various popular video formats (MOV, MP4, AVI, MPG, MTS,
WMV, 3GP, FLV, ASF, and more)
� Manage and organize your videos in a gallery
� Save to video formats including Windows Media (WMV), MJPEG AVI,
Uncompressed AVI and MP4
� Built-in YouTube and Facebook uploader
� Create amazing panoramas
� Edit your videos with easy to use start and end titles
� Import videos directly from your memory card
� Quickly find what's in your clips using vReveal's lightning fast
� Trim accurately with film strip
� Organize your clips into convenient and easy to find events
The software product can run on any computer, however, the owners of
graphics processors that support the technology NVIDIA CUDA, will mark
a significant performance boost. During testing, software developers
MotionDSP noted that GPU GeForce GTX280 improves product performance
by 5 times compared with an Intel Core Duo E6600.
vReveal - Image quality video will always help to ensure the program
VReveal. The software product VReveal designed specifically to relieve
the tension from the eyes of fans of video that you can not always see
in the qualitative form. With VReveal can achieve good quality even on
pirated recording. VReveal program does not require much experience
and user skills. Treatment of poor-quality video in VReveal happens
automatically according to the preliminary user settings, which
suggests to introduce, by the way, she VReveal.
vReveal - that patented technology for creating high-definition
video in the style of "CSI" (Crime Scene Investigation), taken from
the applications used by judicial authorities and intelligence
services. Using technology NVIDIA � CUDA � for the implementation
of the power of parallel computing on GPU, vReveal quickly eliminates
jitter, darkness, noise and blurring in the consumer video.
WHAT\'S NEW IN VREVEAL 3.1.1 (AUGUST 18, 2011):
� Fixed issues with AMD 11.7 (8.87 GPU driver) - all filters
should work OK on supported AMD GPUs (with 11.7 driver installed)
� Fixed errors when using vReveal with AMD 4xxx series cards
(these cards are not supported as they don't support OpenCL fully)
� Fixed problems with some vReveal windows (eg, panorama viewer,
YouTube uploader) hiding behind the main application window
� Improved stability when importing files from a remote storage
(though Import function)
� Added Tip of the Day (localized in all languages)