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Operability while inheriting the traditional easy operation, a
redesigned graphical user interface. To achieve high quality sound
recording and playback with newly adopted dithering. Make a smart and
quick editing, processing and editing functions such as brushing up
the detail display settings. Acquisition, restoration and various
effects produced by Sonnox plug-ins for professional quality essential
to digitize the analog sound. CD burning and file formats change to
meet the various needs. In addition, excellent scalability and ACID
files and creating VST compatible plug-ins, offers satisfying quality
sound where you need everyone.
* Support VST
* Include 30 VST Plugins
* Built in Sonnox EQ
* Built in 3 Sonnox Restoration Plugins
* New Pitch Shifter and Time Stretcher
* Mixer Panel, support real time effect
* Generate ACID wav file
* Recording TV, Radio, Discussion with log time recorder
and more...