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RE: Vision FX PV Feather - plug-in for After Effects, designed to
work with masks, offers better control of the angle cut into After
Effects for quite a short time. PV Feather starts regulating the use
of inner mask for filling, and the outer mask to control the cut. The
distance between the inner and outer mask controls the amount of cut.
PV Feather uses built-in mask splines, AE, so there is no need to
learn a new spline interface.
REVisionFX RE: Fill - Plugin for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and
others, designed to recover the missing pixels in video images, and
dynamic, offering several ways to edit by moving the nearest "good"
help hide the flaws of any professional image.
RE: Vision FX Shade / Shape - Plugin for After Effects, Premiere
Pro, Combustion, Boris Red, and others, designed to transform the flat
objects in 3D-model, giving the images of the scope and depth, using
REVisionFX FieldsKit - Plugin for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final
Cut Pro, Combustion and Fusion, designed to vysokourovnego
deinterlasinga. Interlacing (the effect of "comb") - is the negative
effect that occurs when you digitize the analog video signal.
Deinterlacing is the reverse process of restoring the video image in
order to minimize the effect of "comb".
REVisionFX RE: Flex - Plugin for After Effects, Shake, Autodesk
Systems (Sparks), Combustion and Fusion, designed to morph, create
visual effects, transformations and distortions in video images.
Supports automatic and manual transformation uses the tools of
rotoscoping (drawing and overlay masks for multi-track without the use
of nodal points) of the main program. Has a simple, easily mastered
the interface.
REVisionFX DE: Noise - Plugin for After Effects, Premiere Pro,
Combustion, Boris Red, and others, designed to remove noise from
video. Removes noise such as digital (caused by poor lighting), film
grain, caused by the ray tracing rendering artifacts, fingerprints and
traces of dust (captured during scanning) and many other types of
REVisionFX ReelSmart Motion Blur - plug-in programs for After
Effects, Premiere Pro, Combustion, Final Cut Pro, Boris Red, and
others, with a very precise process control filtering for high-quality
images, automatically tracks every point in the video series, allows
you to control the process tracking pixels, which reduces the
percentage of incorrect Blur when they overlap.
Key features:
- Automatic tracking of every pixel from one frame to another;
- A large number of tools smoothing;
- The variable region of a blur, the ability to move the motion
- Job guide points to smooth the processing of problematic material;
- The possibility of blur one sequence using another movement;
- Smoothing with the vector from an external source;
- Support for multiprocessor machines;
- 8 - and 16-bit color processing (in Final Cut Pro - only 8 bits).
REVisionFX RE: Map - a set of five plug-ins for programs After
Effects, Premiere Pro, Combustion, Final Cut Pro, Boris Red, and
others, designed to manipulate the position of the mesh
UV-coordinates, the overlay, and combine the caricature distortion,
animation, changing labels the video image. Includes a set of
ready-made animated texture maps.
REVisionFX Video Gogh - Plugin for After Effects, Final Cut Pro,
Combustion and Fusion, which allows you to overlay video effects to
hand-drawn images. Video Gogh has flexible configuration and allows
you to control the size of brushes, layer effects selectively change
the transparency of brushes, as well as the distance between the
strokes. Video Gogh offers a choice of three styles of painting (oil
paint, watercolor and chalk) and allows you to apply different styles
to different layers. Brush size and opacity can be animated.
REVisionFX Twixtor - Plugin for After Effects, Premiere Pro and
Combustion, designed to synchronize (deceleration, acceleration) and
changes in the frequency of video frames with minimal losses.
Transformation of the frames with Twixtor can significantly improve
image quality.
The patented technology is RE: Vision automatically calculates the
motion vectors for each pixel on the monitor points, allowing to
easily synthesize new frames, transforming and interpolating the
original video series. In case of problems with auto-detection, you
can manually tell the program trajectory.
SmoothKit - a set of specialized plug-ins that are used to eliminate
defects and dynamic video images by blurring and smoothing their
structure, as well as through the settings and use a variety of
additional effects. Special filters are characterized by high accuracy
of performance, allow you to fix all the flaws of video images without
losing quality. Remove the extra strand of hair from his brow, glare,
or a mole? Nothing is easier!
Key parameters:
- Selective filtering luminance, chrominance, or each RGB-channel
- The element of control "maximum deviation", which allows to limit
the range of variation of each pixel on a scale of brightness;
- Filter for automatic smoothing of irregularities (including - for
the frames);
- Removes blocky artifacts (appearing in highly compressed DV
- Smoothing areas without blurring the edges;
- Per-pixel filtering to control the direction and intensity;
- Temporal filter to compare frames in various ways;
- Support for channels 8 and 16 bit (in Final Cut Pro - only 8
RE: Vision Effects plug-ins (11 in 1) for AfterEffects CS5
Year: 2011
Developer: RE: Vision Effects
System requirements:
* Windows XP and above
* Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or higher (or AMD equivalent)
* 1 Gb RAM