Download key generator for Neowise Instant Gallery Maker 2.1

INSTANT GALLERY MAKER makes it easy to create professional-looking
online photo albums with a few mouse clicks! Just add your images to
the list, click a few buttons and watch your new web gallery come
* Very easy to use - creating a web image gallery has never been
easier! Just click a few buttons and watch your gallery come alive.
* User friendly - wizard-style interface makes Instant Gallery Maker
manageable even for those who don't understand HTML and CSS.
* Flexible - you have total control over every tiny detail of your
web gallery.
* Powerful - recognizes all popular image formats, resizes pictures
using smart algorithms earlier available only in full-fledged image
* Customizable - if you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can
customize your pages in absolutely any way creating your own
* Fully functional - the trial version of this web gallery software
is fully functional for an evaluation period of 30 days.