Download key generator for USB Lost and Found 1.9.1

Protect your USB drive from unauthorized users and convince them to
return it.
USB Lost and Found is a tool to setup your USB drive to keep
unauthorized users from keeping your USB drive if it were to be lost.
USB Lost and Found has two methods of telling unauthorized users to
return it.
The first method is the message method which when the user tries to
use your USB drive it comes up with a message box that tells them to
return it, along with your contact information, and denies access to
the USB drive. The second method, which only comes with the Pro
version, is called Lock Down. Lock Down immediately locks the user's
computer when the USB drive is accessed, covering the whole screen and
denying access.
· Works for unlimited devices!
· Compatible with U3, Ceedo, and PortableApps
· Thumb drives, External Hard drives, Internal Hard drives, Flash
drives, SD drives,
USB Phones, Digital Cameras, USB Cameras, Ipods, MP3 devices, and
· Free version only has the Message method.
· PRO version has a customizable unicode message in the Message
· PRO version come with the Message method and the Lock Down
· Lock Down has the Device Unloading feature: when a user gets the
password wrong 3 or more times Lock Down will disconnect the device
from Windows
· Tricks users to open it with AutoPlay and run Lock Down/Message.
· Double clicking the USB Device in My Computer causes Lock
Down/Message to run (this is Vista incompatable).