Download key generator for Cloanto C64 Forever 2012.0.14.0

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To allow you to experience and relive the wonders of this unique
computer, Cloanto, developers of Commodore/Amiga software since the
1980s, has introduced C64 Forever, a revolutionary C64 emulator,
preservation and support package. C64 Forever embodies an intuitive
player interface, backed by a built-in database containing more than
5,000 C64 game entries, and advanced support for the new RP9 format,
dubbed the "MP3 of retrogaming".
Emulation of C64 hardware (allows you to run C64 software on your
Additional emulation of related systems: PET 2001, CBM 3032, CBM
4032, CBM 8032, VIC 20, CBM 610, C16, Plus/4 and C128
More than 200 preinstalled games and demoscene productions
8-bit games, demos and applications
RP9 Editor allows you to create and edit content for playback on the
local system or elsewhere
RP9 Manager to convert between RP9 and other popular formats (D64,
T64, etc.) and to export to devices (hardware-based emulators)
RetroPlatform Library includes title and configuration data for more
than 5,000 C64 games, with online updates
Preconfigured and enhanced VICE emulation engine with auto-updates
Special features and gallery of items of historical interest
Much, much more...