Download key generator for Kerio Control 7.2.0

Key features:
Intrusion prevention
- Signature analysis package data
- List of blocked IP-addresses (blacklisted)
- Management of safety rules
ICSA Labs Certified Firewall
- Testing for recognized industry standards
- Corporate level of protection - provides the default security
policy, immediately after installation
- Secure remote administration - all changes to security policy are
Application Layer Gateway
- Create policies for inbound and outbound traffic.
- Protection of servers without the need for a DMZ through easily
configurable NAT.
- Implementation of the static monitoring and logging of network
packets and protocols (stateful packet and protocol inspection).
Antivirus protection
- Filtering of incoming and outgoing traffic for viruses, worms and
other malicious programs.
- Easy to deploy anti-virus protection through integrated antivirus
program from Sophos.
- Ability to use two anti-virus modules for greater protection.
Filter Web sites by content
- Blocking access to websites with malicious or unwanted content
- 53 ralichnye categories of web content
- Statistics Resources on the categories of Web content
VPN server
- Unlimited number of connections in the mode of VPN server to
- VPN clients for Mac, Windows and Linux
- Clientless SSL-VPN for Windows networks
User Access Policy
- Integration with Active Directory to simplify password management.
- Monitor and restrict access to user accounts on the Internet.
P2P Eliminator
of unlicensed software, data loss prevention and loading of dangerous
objects from the peering networks.
- Blocking of different types of peer networks is using several
technologies: restricting access to certain ports, estimate the
network load and behavioral analysis of the activity of the network to
adapt to new technologies peering.
Load distribution channels
- Increased bandwidth network channel by combining multiple Internet
- Improved performance of services requiring high bandwidth such as
VoIP and video conferencing.
Speed limit of the channel
- Set daily or monthly quotas for bandwidth usage by users.
- Limit speed connections for non-critical applications.
Connecting to back channel
- Support for connection to the Internet for mission-critical
applications (mail, SQL, web).
- Automatic connection failover in case of lack of communication on
the ground.
Technical Features
Firewall and router
Tracking connections (SPI)
Access Restrictions
Inspector Protocols
The configuration wizard traffic policy
DHCP server
Redirecting DNS-server (forwarder)
IDS / IPS (based on Snort)
Kerio Certified IDS signatures
Blacklists IP-addresses
Three levels of seriousness of incidents
Reporting system
Statistics Analyzer
Reports using the Internet for users, groups, and interfaces
Detailed reports on users
Reports on bandwidth usage
Security Reports
Statistics on the Web category visited pages using the Kerio Web
Syslog support
E-mail notifications
Reports of visited Web resources
Reports on the protocol used
Access to statistics via Web browser
User Authentication
Kerberos / Active Directory
NT Domain
Manual authentication for login and password
Authentication through an opaque proxy server (terminal services)
NTLM Authentication