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A complete set of plug-ins for Photoshop and Corel PaintShop Photo
Pro by AKVIS.
AKVIS program for processing digital photographs: the restoration of
old photos, removing defects, retouching, photocorrection, creating a
collage, coloring black and white photographs, a set of brushes for
image editing, add lighting effects, a collection of frames and
effects, and more. Each plugin contains a video tutorial and stateynye
lessons in pdf
Description plugins:
AKVIS Retoucher 4.5.776
Retoucher - software for photo restoration and photo retouching.
The program will help remove scratches, stains, dust, traces of
folds and other defects and removing unnecessary details, the text, to
reconstruct missing parts of pictures, "tighten" leaky sites and build
up the ragged edge.
AKVIS ArtSuite 6.7.2156
AKVIS ArtSuite - a collection of frames and effects for decoration
of photos.
ArtSuite contains many templates and an extensive library of
textures and patterns and provides a virtually infinite number of
options for effects.
AKVIS ArtWork 5.0.1296
AKVIS ArtWork allows you to turn an ordinary photo into oil painting
or watercolor, as if written by the artist's brush, to create an image
in the style of comics, pen and ink, linocut.
For your eyes from the photograph a work of art is born!
AKVIS Chameleon 7.0.1603 [/ b]
AKVIS Chameleon - a program for creating collages, realistic and
Chameleon saves time and effort, so it does not require precise
selection of objects, automatically smooths the boundary and picks
colors "insert" to the background color.
AKVIS Coloriage 7.5.916
The program for coloring black and white photos and replacing colors
on color images.
Coloriage is clear and simple as a child's coloring book, he turns
the work into the game. A few dashes indicate sites for repainting.
The program recognizes the borders and impose a specified color, given
the lighting, the play of shadows, folds in clothing.
AKVIS Decorator 2.0.416
AKVIS Decorator lets you change the surface of the object.
When a texture stored volume, shape, bends, folds, shadows of the
original image. With this program, Decorator can not only impose a
texture, change it, but to load their textures, and simply change the
color of the object.
AKVIS Enhancer 11.5.1577
AKVIS Enhancer - a program for processing photos with increased
image detail.
Enhancer provides a complete correction of each pixel in the image
without losing quality, allows you to correct any single picture to
show detail in bright and dark areas.
AKVIS LightShop 3.0.843
AKVIS LightShop adds light effects to the image.
With this program you can create any type and form of light, add a
photo beams, halos, flashes, lightning, reflections on the objects,
sunset or fireworks. LightShop decorate picture enliven landscape,
change the time of day and weather.
AKVIS Magnifier 4.0.825
AKVIS Magnifier allows you to resize images without losing quality.
You can not only reduce the image to put it on the Web or send to
friends. The program allows you to get the highest quality images from
a small picture. Magnifier provides a manifold increase in the image
without artifacts and ghosting.
AKVIS MultiBrush 5.5.1344
AKVIS MultiBrish - a set of brushes for image editing.
The program allows you to fix her chosen field of photography
without much effort: to change the color saturation and sharpness,
smudge object, tinted area, restore and conceal, remove unwanted
objects to create an artistic collage.
AKVIS NatureArt 2.0.944
AKVIS NatureArt - a collection of unique effects that simulate
natural phenomena.
The program allows you to add a photo rain, snow, lightning, sun and
clouds change the weather in prevnesti picture drama, change the mood
of the scene, a seascape or a picture of night sky.
AKVIS Noise Buster 7.5.2457
Noise Buster - a program for noise suppression on digital.
The program removes the noise matrix of a digital camera and noises
that appear when you scan a photograph and reduces graininess and
eliminates non-uniform color spots on the image, while maintaining
detail and sharpness of borders.
AKVIS Refocus 1.0.149
AKVIS Refocus helps to sharpen the fuzzy, blurry, defocused images.
With this program you can correct an entire image or to edit only a
specific area to focus on some details, like eyes, selective focus
using the technique.
AKVIS Sketch 12.0.2209
AKVIS Sketch - a tool for turning photos into the picture.
Sketch turns a photo into a work of art, converts the images into
sketches in pencil, charcoal, watercolor, simulating manual work of
this artist. With this program you can get not just black and white
sketch, but a color picture.
AKVIS SmartMask 3.0.1027
AKVIS SmartMask - plug-in for quick selection (cut) of objects in
the image.
SmartMask allows you to quickly and accurately allocate part of the
picture or cut the figure of a man from a photo using relatively
simple manipulation. The plugin is used to remove the background,
creating collages.
System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
• Adobe Photoshop CS3 - CS5, Corel PaintShop Photo Pro, Photoshop
Compatible with Windows 7 - Complete
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Format: SWF (FLASH), pdf
Language: Russian
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Year: 03.2011
Title: AKVIS
Software version: complete build plug-ins 2011
Official site: AKVIS
Language: Multilingual (Russian available)
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista / 7