Download key generator for Prominy LPC Electric Distortion Guitar DVDR

- A huge number of recorded playing styles that no one has captured
- Over 60 Giga-bytes,150000 samples recorded from a single
- You are able to create the most natural sounding guitar tracks
that sound like they've been recorded by a live guitarist in a world
class studio.
The world's most powerful and largest library of a single instrument
Perfect sampled sounds of all fret positions on every string Single
note, 5th chord, 4th chord, octave, vibrato, single bend, unison bend,
stationay bend, double bend, legato slide, pinch harmonic, various
chords, picking noises, etc. A huge number of sampled legato slide
techniques. From Seminole (1 fret) to 1 octave (12 frets), multiple
tempos and velocity options for every single note, 5th-dyad chord,
4th-dyad chord, and octave playing styles.