Download key generator for Mercedes-Benz EPC EWA net 09.2011

EPC net is available both online and offline.
All the functions available in EPC Flexible Publishing have been
fully integrated into EPC net. The modern user interface applying
standard Windows rules serves to significantly improve user guidance
and navigation.
Modern user interface using standard Windows rules
Users will immediately note the modern user interface and the simple
navigation using standard Windows rules.
You can open functions using the icons (a) or the Menu bar (b).
Tooltips are provided to explain icon functions (c). Hovering the
mouse pointer over an icon causes the tooltip to appear with a
description of the icon's function.
The combined pull-down menus (d) with input fields are available in
EPC net for simple navigation within the catalogs/groups/subgroups.
You can use your mouse or keyboard to operate EPC net. Most of the
keyboard shortcuts used in EPC Flexible Publishing are also used in
EPC net.
For parts identification, EPC net requires at least a 6-digit model
Ideally, parts identification should be done using a vehicle
identification number so that the datacard can be used in the process.
The datacard must be used when looking for parts that are
color-specific or where the search depends on what equipment is
installed in the vehicle.
Reduced number of windows
Functions that were spread over several windows in EPC Flexible
Publishing have been condensed onto one window in EPC net.
The EPC net window is subdivided into the following sections:
Mercedes EPC net Picture
The picture has been supplemented with different zoom functions, and
can be shown in a separate window using the icon.
Mercedes EPC net Parts list
All the part numbers for the entire subgroup are shown in the parts
Footnotes and code information (passenger cars), SA/component
information (commercial vehicles) and construction kit information
(BUS) can be displayed via links in a separate window.
Mercedes EPC net Shopping list
The contents of the shopping list (e.g. quantity) can be changed
directly in the individual columns.
One important new feature is the "Show part context" function. When
you reopen a saved shopping list you can click on the part designation
in the form of a mouse-sensitive blue link to extract the part context
directly from the shopping list.This saves you the trouble of
reentering the vehicle data and the group/subgroup.
Mercedes EPC net List overview
The "List overview" can help the EPC net users with shopping list
Saved shopping lists and a "temporary shopping list" can be used at
the same time.
The icon can be used to create, show, delete, copy and print
shopping lists.
The active area of the EPC net window is marked with a red frame.
You can change the size of the individual EPC net window areas via
the respective dividing lines. Double-clicking on the dividing line
between the picture and the parts list causes the picture to be
arranged above the parts list.
The , and icons can be used to show/hide individual areas of the EPC
net window and to individually change the column widths as required.
EPC net is available both online and offline
The various options at a glance:
Online server operation via Internet or intranet.
Local installation: offline operation for day-to-day use - updates
Offline mode: updates from DVD.
Advantages of spare parts catalogue Mercedes-Benz in EWA net
Description of work in electronic spare parts catalogue Mercedes EPC
net EWA.
NOTE: This is Mercedes EPC 09/2011 (Update Disc).
You must install first Mercedes EPC 07/2011 FINAL, then install EPC