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Symantec System Recovery 2011, (formerly Backup Exec System
Recovery), delivers fast and reliable system recovery to help you
minimize downtime and meet recovery time objectives with confidence.
Quickly restore physical and virtual systems in minutes, even to bare
metal, dissimilar hardware, remote locations, or virtual environments
through Symantec�s patented Restore Anyware technology. With more
than 787,000 protected systems, Symantec System Recovery is one of the
most proven, trusted, and reliable system recovery solutions.
� Automatically backs up the entire contents of your computer
� Quickly and easily recover lost files
� Restore the entire contents of your computer
� Automatically optimizes disk storage for backup
To improve disaster recovery functions may require considerable
effort and expense. This task will help to cope Symantec System
Recovery, 2011.
Failure of physical or virtual system leads to disruption of
service, financial losses and reduce employee productivity. Idle time
is greatly increased if the recovery of the system are performed
To protect critical servers with little effort - one license System
Recovery 2011 to protect a single server.
Product Features Symantec System Recovery in 2011
� Fast recovery of physical and virtual systems in minutes, even
to dissimilar hardware, virtual environments or remote locations.
� Full system restore to the point in time from scratch.
� Full system restore from a remote location.
� Trouble-free automatic conversion of physical to virtual (P2V)
and virtual to physical (V2P).
-- Fast, automated system recovery and flexible restoration options
-- Quickly restore physical and virtual systems from local or
off-site destinations in minutes, even to dissimilar hardware, remote
locations, or virtual environments with Symantec's patented Restore
Anyware technology.
-- Off-site copy functionality enables you to automatically copy
recovery points to external drives, network shares, or even remote FTP
-- Easily restore a system from a remote location without physically
visiting the system to perform the restore with Symantec's patented
LightsOut Restore technology.
-- The fully customisable Symantec Recovery Disk auto-detects
hardware and loads the appropriate drivers to boot the system
resulting in faster recoveries.
-- Hot imaging combines with the ability to restore to different
hardware platforms on the fly and breaks the barrier of incompatible
storage controllers and hardware abstraction layers.
-- NEW! With new wizard functionality, create an all-in-one backup
and recovery USB device to rapidly boot and recover your system.
-- NEW! Select an. ISO image as the source for a custom recovery
Perform seamless and automated physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual
to physical (V2P) conversions through an easy to use wizard driven
interface for immediate system recovery.
Automatically upload VMware virtual disk files (VMDK) converted from
recovery points directly to VMware ESX hosts.
Simplifies testing and migrations-perform preflight testing of
patches, application installations, configuration changes, or driver
updates in a virtual environment before applying changes to production
Protect all virtual machines on a single hypervisor system using a
single license of Symantec System Recovery Virtual Edition, reducing
costs and simplifying the licensing of Symantec System Recovery in
virtual environments.
Support for the latest virtual environments including VMware,
Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.
Granular recovery of Exchange, SharePoint, Files and Folders
Quickly recover Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, folders, individual
messages or attachments in seconds-without the need for mailbox
Easily recover SharePoint documents from a single system recovery
Restore files and folders in seconds with the ability to search
multiple recovery points at the same time.
The Symantec System Recovery Granular Restore Option is included at
no additional charge.
Integrated data reduction technologies, including SmartSector and
compression, help speed up the backup process and reduce storage
costs, backup windows and network traffic.
Schedule backups to run automatically, including event-triggered
backups, based on the parameters you specify without disrupting user
or employee productivity.
Capture a backup of a system in a pre-boot state, without having to
install any software on the system with cold imaging technology.
Capture and protect the entire system, including the operating
system, applications, databases, all files, device drivers, profiles,
settings, and registry or individual files and folders in one
easy-to-manage recovery point.
Easily schedule the conversion of physical recovery points (backups)
to virtual systems.
Back up selective files and folders on a separate schedule than a
full system backup.
Save recovery points to almost any disk storage device, including
direct-attached storage; USB and FireWire drives and network storage;
NAS and SAN devices and optical devices, CD, DVD and Blu-ray.
Built-in AES software encryption of backups both in flight and at
rest ensures the security of critical business data.
Centrally deploy, configure and manage Symantec System Recovery
across your organisation.
Create, edit and distribute backup jobs and client settings and
client licensing policies.
Monitor the current protection status of all managed systems with
the at-a-glance consolidated Home Page view.
Monitor local and network backup destination usage and historical
And more.
Powerful reporting
Simplify the tracking of your environment with powerful preset
Export reports to. Csv,. Html, Excel spreadsheet, or. Xml formats
for easy distribution.
Easily view your past, current, and scheduled backup and recovery