Download key generator for HEROLD Marketing CD Business Pro Plus 2011

About HEROLD Business Data GmbH
HEROLD Business Data provides its platform on a common market for
buyers and sellers: In HERALD-consumer products are always and
everywhere relevant information on companies, products, brands and
services as well as phone numbers and addresses. Company opened HERALD
efficient and measurable ways to attract customers and generate
additional revenue. The focus of corporate activity is the publication
Austrian telephone books and Yellow Pages in print, online and on
mobile In addition, the products range from high-quality
data for direct marketing to special interest
Products to the search engine marketing.
About HEROLD Marketing CD Business Pro
The professional version with all additional information relevant to
marketing the KSV and contacts the second management level.
- Precise data on more than 340,000 Austrian companies and
institutions, such as company name, address, phone, fax, e-mail,
Internet, etc.
- Relevant marketing information to add about 110,000 well-known
companies such as Company profile, turnover, number of employees,
vehicles, etc.
- 290,000 contacts at 160,000 companies: name, title and position of
Managing Director and supervisors
Content, features, system requirements, business marketing CDs:
- Search
Search based on numerous criteria, e.g. Industry, ZIP code, sales,
number of employees
- Filters combine
combine multiple stored queries
- People Manager
Selection of officials for example Managing Director, Head of
- Export
unlimited export in all popular formats, export directly into a
professional newsletter tool
- Pressure
Printing of lists, details and tree branch
- Mailing
Simple function with a direct mailing acquisition in mail merge,
labels and envelope templates
- Archive function
Saving and loading the search criteria
- Industry Statistics