Download key generator for ANSYS Multiphysics v.13

Contains in its structure geometric waxer, designed to create
geometric patterns using graphics primitives, transactions with them
and their parametric descriptions. Building a solid model is possible
using a combination of two options: using boolean operations of
primitives or a set of ready-made with a serial hierarchical
structure, starting with the anchor points, then - lines, splines, and
then - to a solid. The presence of these design options provides the
flexibility to quickly create complex models. Supports two-way
exchange of data by importing models from most CAD-systems, including
UG, Pro / E, as well as neutral geometry formats read IGES, SAT, STEP,
Optional add-on parallel computing Parallel Performance for ANSYS
can solve large problems on clusters of computers as well as stations
on the multi-stations.
System requirements:
Disk Space - 5 GB
2 GB of RAM minimum